What does Seattle want? How about a nude beach?

Mayor Mike McGinn is asking citizens what Seattle needs. In the “Ideas for Seattle” forum, people are allowed to submit ideas or vote on ideas submitted by others. Taking the top spot with more than 2,000 votes is “Expand as much light rail and subway as possible.” In second place with more than 1,500 votes is “Legalize marijuana and tax it.” Third place is “Set aside park beach areas for European-style, clothing optional recreation (sunbathe + skinny dip).”

Seven suggestions posted on the site have already been completed, including making the “Ideas for Seattle” site an official way to reach out to the city. Four other suggestions are planned.

18 comments on “What does Seattle want? How about a nude beach?”

  1. > See upcoming events in our Ballard calendar <

  2. ” “Set aside park beach areas for European-style, clothing optional recreation (sunbathe + skinny dip).”

    Apparently only morons have access to this web survey. Seriously, pot and nude beaches? What about jobs and good schools?

    PS. I like European nude beaches as much as anyone, but that’s because they are not filled with fat Americans.

  3. Love it! But really, unless we can get the mayor to change our weather, I’ll skip the nude beach. Plus I think we can all spare each other the view…I like naked, but really, unless the mayor wants to dim the light at the beach, light a candle and shake me a martini, I can live without seeing all y’all in your all-together.

  4. Pot’s already the lowest law-enforcement priority in Seattle and you’d probably have to be doing something else illegal to get busted for it. And most nudists in Seattle already know where the unofficial nude beach is. One out of three ain’t bad for Seattle.

  5. interesting ideas even beyond the nude beach and pot issues. I like the increase community policing and the increase late night transit options. There was at least one idea that I wanted a veto button instead of a vote button (permanent site for nicholsville)

  6. And pigs are going to soon fly. Why do fools around here incessantly want to resemble Europe? We already are in the form of large intrusive government that is spending us into bankruptcy. Are those people free when taxed at 70% or more? This is what I’d expect though, with all the liberal elitist dreamer utopians out there in Bizerkley North, AKA: Seattle. The more a government does for you, the more it does TO you.

  7. I thought Discovery Park beach was the unofficial nude beach? But hey, pasty floppy ta-tas and turtles, it’s all good.

  8. COPS


    a way for cars and bicycles to peacefully co-exist (since neither side has a monopoly on good behaviour)

  9. i like the nude beach idea! but your right people are tooo fat here compared to Europe. lets fix the roads! 85th and 15th need to be re paved!

  10. Here’s an “Idea for Seattle”: An accredited personality school for the socially retarded. Seattle doesn’t lack for potential students.

  11. Well if the mayor is going to court the nude constituency the way he has embraced his bike, I for one don’t need to be there to see it!

    Mike Bikes is all the Mike I need to see!

  12. Tis a bit cold here to bare it all on the beach. We’re in a state where most people would take a North Face jacket to the beach.

    Sides we already have the nude bikers.

  13. Quit giving me parking tickets if I choose to use transit, quit preying on ballard as your new cash cow. Don’t re-zone for condos based on a disney monorail fantasy and then allow builders to go forward anyway. Thanks for destroying the bowling alley, the dennys….etc. the condos are a third full BTW…..quit taking bribes from the developers.

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