Coalition reaching out to churches to help ‘homeless car campers’

The Ballard Homes for All Coalition is reaching out to dozens of churches to help “homeless car campers” around the neighborhood.

Back in 2008, the coalition proposed a one-year pilot project for one congregation to host a handful of people, providing them with a place to park and access to hygiene facilities. During the 2008 Sustainable Ballard Festival unveiled the hygiene station above. “That project never got off the ground unfortunately for a variety of reasons though we did a lot of work around developing guidelines for operation of the site, a screening checklist, resident/host agreements, acquiring funding, and, of course, constructing the mobile shower,” Jean Darsie the chair of the coalition tells us.

Now the coalition is proposing that multiple churches help the car campers. “We are taking a new direction this time and reaching out to multiple congregations in Ballard, asking them to take in one, maybe, two vehicles onto their land and offering a level of support to them based on the congregation’s ability or willingness to provide,” Darsie says.

The Ballard Homes for All Coalition is holding a community meeting on Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the Crown Hill United Methodist Church (8500 14th Ave NW) to discuss this idea. Speakers at the meeting will be Jean Darsie, John Skans from Crown Hill Methodist Church and Sally Kinney from the Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness. For more information you can contact Darsie at

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  1. ” The campers will have a safe place to park, which will alleviate “problems”

    No it won’t, it will mean more campers will come to Ballard hoping to get a freebie.

    How about you feed the pigeons in YOUR house so they crap in/on YOUR house and not mine?

  2. “After reading all of these posts I am not sure that it is the homeless that is making Ballard undesirable. ”

    yeah right, like everyone will want to move to Ballard once it turns into a giant homeless camp. That will be great for property values and business….you know, those things that contribute to the tax base so we can ALL live in a decent neighborhood.

  3. Then why aren’t those who contribute to the tax base screaming at the City and County and State for slashing services and housing or screaming to make the well off pay their share of taxes? Because it is easier to beat up on the drunk on the sidewalk instead of offering real solutions to the problem or going after those who contribute to the problem. I would like to see you get stripped of everything and then be told to become an outstanding citizen and, oh by the way, do it with nothing, no where to go, no where to clean up, no where to sleep. Oh, and get a job, and while you are at it we will call you every name in the book to make sure that you realize that you are nothing but scum of the earth. Good luck. It must be so nice to be one of the chosen ones.

  4. Donna – do you own a home here in Ballard?
    Or are you one of the throngs of people that live in Ballard for a few years to be alternative then raise their kids in Queen Anne, Magnolia or Kirkland?

  5. If you need to know, I do own a home and my kids go to neighborhood schools including Ballard High. Not that that should have anything to do with this. I have also had background checks done so you don’t have to worry about me being some low life, sexual predator that lives in your neighborhood. The point is that everyone says they have tried everything to help with solutions and that simply is not true. What is true it that they have tried everything to keep it out of their neighborhood. Property values are more important to some than human life. None of us are perfect and we all have skeletons in the closet. We are just able to hide them behind closed doors. Most of this is just plain mean and hateful and doesn’t help solve anything. No one asks the City what the City can do to help solve this. It’ about what the City can do to keep it out of their neighborhood. There is a difference. Homelessness is all over this City and Ballard is not an exception or special or deals with it more than others. Most on this blog have no idea what is going and don’t really care to know.

  6. I’m sure the drunk bum who beat up the transgender person at the bus stop on 15th and Market (and then staggered down to the 14th Ave pea patch to pass out) will appreciate having a nice place to take a shower with all his buddies. This creep was booked 36 times since 2004.

    THIS is exactly what Ballard should expect when you roll out the welcome mat for vagrants.

  7. “Or people with closed minds?”

    What, like drunk bums who beat up cross dressers?

  8. I have still not see a reason from those that are willing to roll out the “welcome mat” give a reason as to “WHY BALLARD?” Ballard has always had a few homeless individuals migrating from park to park not really bothering anyone and keeping to themselves…eventually moving on to another neighborhood, but the numbers have grown over the recent year alone and they’re staying here. These are not you “down on their luck” people either, they are habitual vagrants who dont want help. I would venture a guess that most have a criminal record too, much like the one who beat up the transgendered woman.

    Help the vagrants, the homeless, the hobos, the shelter challenged, whatever you prefer to call them but dont ask me to welcome it into my neighborhood and potentially put my family at risk. All you supporters dont care to comment on the fact that the last tent city at Our Redeemers housed a sex offender and an arsonist. Back ground check’s? Yeah right. Open you front door to these people…again no supporter of the vagrant vehicle village is willing to say “OK” to that either. Why? Because behind closed doors when your friend’s can’t hear you and your phony image doesn’t have to be kept up…You don’t want them in this neighborhood either. You wouldn’t dare expose your family to a potential danger in the security of your nice dry, warm home. Stop forcing your religious belief system on people who dont want it, stop persecuting those of us who want our neighborhoods kept clean and safe.

  9. I went to this meeting and didn’t see any of the blowhard anti folk present. I did see a lot of people with very good intentions trying to do something to solve the problem.

    It is easy to pop off spewing bile on a blog hiding behind cute names like Barfly, Had Enough, Your Fed up Neighbor, Bark More Wag Less, LiberalQuietScan, but quite a bit different to have the courage to state your opinions in public using your real name. Would you be willing to state your real name in public engagement process? Not likely, because you prefer to whine anonymously.

  10. I have every intention of being at the meeting at Ballard HS Library on June 14th at 630pm. I have a life with commitments & responsibilities that comes first, and that is the only reason I was not at the meeting tonight. I would use my real name, however I wont have my family persecuted for my opinion. i have lived in Ballard for a long time as has my family and I wont have them judged on my beliefs. You will know its me too andI will have friends with me that feel exactly the same way! BTW…using only a first name is still hidding on a blog…when you point the finger, there are three pointing right back at you!

  11. I was one of the presenters at the meeting tonight and there were no attendees who voiced any of the fears or complaints that appear above. There will be another planning on June 17 at Crown Hill Methodist at 7 PM. Please come and learn what is really being proposed. If you can’t come, ask a friend or family member or neighbor to come. We want to meet you and address your concerns but we can’t do that on a blog.

  12. Sally, let us know which church you’re going to do this at…..then you’ll get an earful. Right now we have no idea where you’re going to dump this thing.

  13. Liberal Quietscan, Bark More Wag Less, Shane Dillon, Had Enough, Barfly, Your Fed Up Neighbor, Atlas and the many others who truly feel that Ballard is at risk as I do, must please attend the meeting at Ballard High School on June 14th at 6:30pm. We need your voices be heard against Compass Alliance who has plans to relocate their tenants out of Pioneer Square and move them to Ballard. Compass Executive Director had admitted that this is their plan and now they are trying to deny it. Executive Director has also formed and chairs the Street Civility Subcommittee and a Committee member of Pioneer Square Economic Development Council. Interesting to know now what he said that he is relocating Compass Seattle to Ballard is actually in his plans. Remember, these tenants of Compass have already been processed by the City or State and receive DSHS or other financial support and are the ones who they want in Compass Ballard and not the homeless of Ballard. Why? $$$ They need revenue. The vagrants you see now, you will still see after this is built! It’s just going to bring more sex offenders and mentally ill into Ballard. Also Compass will cook and feed these vagrants who visit, and remember the May 3rd article where Compass admitted visiting hours are 9:00am to 10:00 pm and limited to 2 visitors per unit. You know the rush is on at 9:00pm to sneak in. If not they will all hang around the alley until the morning when the doors open again.

    June 14, Ballard HS 6:30pm….

  14. Guest – I have every intention of being there, with friend’s who oppose the Compass Building, as well as the Vagrant Vehicle Village…we will be present at that next meeting too.

    Sally – Yes, please tell us which Church lot your group plans to use.

  15. Incredible.

    Many of the comments posted here are grounded in an absolute ignorance of who the homeless really are.Does anyone realize that most of the homeless work full or part-time jobs? Go to the temporary labor halls in Seattle and you’ll see hundreds of homeless hoping for an honest days work.

    I’ve been homeless for 4 years and finally sved enough for a conversion van that is now my home. During that 4 years, I’ve worked almost 10,ooo hours on construction projects (fully 2 years on 2 projects building units on Leary Way that I will never be able to afford) After child support, there is simply not enough left to afford an apartment.

    The guys on which some of you are basing your views (Oh! I see them too! are simply very unlikely to own a vehicle. Generally, when someone drives to a spot and parks, he is a hard-working American, struggling a bit and seldom complaining.

    The fellow panhandling in rags represents homelessness only in the eyes of those who cannot see.

  16. the homeless problem in part is a result of no housing can be afforded. in 1978 you could rent a apartment for 135 dollars. the rental aggreement was 1 page. show an id and have your 135 dollars in hand and move in 20 minutes later. there were jobs for those who wanted to work. lots that paid enough in 1 week to move in to your own place.

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