Soundgarden spotted in Ballard photo shoot

The iconic Seattle band Soundgarden was spotted posing for photos in front of a grungy-looking building on 22nd Ave. in Old Ballard Friday evening. Our tipster, who sent us these photos, says it was a photo shoot for Spin Magazine.

We also saw a couple Tweets about the photo shoot. “(I’m) still calming rob down after our Ballard Chris Cornell/Soundgarden sighting,” writes @fawsome on Twitter. “You’d think it was ’94 again.”

One the defining bands of the Seattle grunge movement, Soundgarden recently reunited, playing at a semi-secret appearance at the Showbox in April that sold out in minutes — their first show together since 1997 (photos).

Their first big reunion concert is scheduled in August at Lollapalooza, and the rumor is the band has been practicing here in Seattle.

15 comments on “Soundgarden spotted in Ballard photo shoot”

  1. > See upcoming events in our Ballard calendar <

  2. I guess no one’s heard that Seattle/Ballard is no longer grunge, it’s chic! It’s the pesto of cities.

  3. Chris: “Shit, I thought ‘2 Drink Minium’ would at least lead me to a blues solo-venture…

    Ben: “Why the f@ck does Ashton Kutcher have to Tweet so much?”

    Kim: “All the ‘B’ sides are in here, guys – every lasy f’ing one of them – in here!”

  4. relax ,dooooooooosh bags, music is all that matters, soundgarden rocks, and you are fortunate to be here now,

  5. Sooo when are they doing a real show in seattle? I mean, I wasn’t lucky enough to have gotten the day off to do a wild goose chase for tickets on the day they decided to play under cover as the nudedragons. Stadiums people, we need stadiums for huge bands like this. I am not rich, but will pay for tickets to see them if I have to. better yet, when will Temple of The Dog perform again? Would pay to see them too!

  6. You know they actually DON’T want bootlegs of this show..even though there’s dozens of youtube videos floating around that haven’t been taken down.

    And..Cameron comes from Pearl Jam. Who actually ENDORSE audio recording! They even have the same management running the stupid official Soundgarden site now.


    We disappear for 13 years and now, NO RECORDING ALLOWED! I’m sorry you’re so entitled to you’re music guys.

    Last time I checked none of you cared enough to continue. Now you’re just riding a nostalgia wave.

    Well, prove me wrong. Right good songs and play awesome setlists of songs you never would’ve played otherwise. And not just Down On the Upside, part 2.


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