Spoke and Food benefit for Solid Ground tonight

Get on your bike and head out for dinner. Tonight is the inaugural “Spoke and Food” event. “Our top level goal is to influence the culture of Seattle. Our hope is that by launching this event, we will prompt people to use their bicycle more to transport themselves to and from the multiple daily events and activities that they normally drive to,” the website states.

Three of the 14 participating restaurants are in Ballard: The Hi-Life, The Stepping Stone and Snoose Junction. Other restaurants can be found here.

Each restaurant has agreed to donate a percent of the revenues from tonight to the Lettuce Link program at Solid Ground.

17 comments on “Spoke and Food benefit for Solid Ground tonight”

  1. these restaurants don’t belong to the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, do they?

    because that would be ironic.

    I live near Fred Meyer and have no way to safely ride to any of these places.

  2. “I live near Fred Meyer and have no way to safely ride to any of these places.”

    You must be a 4 yr old then, because I manage it on a bike all the time.

  3. Just because you can ride to the businesses in Ballard does not mean you can safely ride there. The accidents and injuries are well documented along the “missing link”. Too bad the Ballard Chamber of Commerce has been active in delaying this much needed corridor improvement.

  4. Two out of the three restaurants listed above are members of the Ballard chamber of commerce. But, if you look in the Ballard business directory brought to you by the Ballard chamber of commerce ( boycott guide) . A total of 97 businesses are listed under restaurants/bars/night clubs, however only 15 are listed as members. very easy to find an establishment that is not a chamber member. I was able to find my boycott guide at the entrance to the library.

  5. just because the most direct route is dangerous that doesn’t mean that there is no safe route there. Clearly you are as moronic as the BCC.

  6. Try not sucking your thumb while you ride, it’ll really help reduce your chances of wrecking.

  7. Dang! Tonight? Wish I’d known earlier. Well, maybe I’ll bike on down to Stepping Stone later on and have a late liquid dinner.

    EKing, please stop making us bike people sound like raving loons.

  8. Gurple said…
    “EKing, please stop making us bike people sound like raving loons.”

    Well gurple I feel my safety and the safety of my family is one of my top priorities. Should I feel otherwise?
    Yes, I am concerned that a small self interested group with money for lawyers is able to delay a much needed and wanted safety project, the entire project is to be built on public land.

  9. It’s not your feelings about safety, EKing. I share those. I want the BG to be completed as much as anyone, which is why I passed around the petition last summer and stood with the “We Are the Missing Link” crowd.

    It’s your style. When you post on here about “the boycott” as if it’s an actual thing and treat the entire CC as though they’re some kind of horrible monster enemy, you make it seem like this is an issue of a handful of bike radicals against everybody else.

    It’s not like that, and it’s important that people who don’t see themselves as bike nuts can feel comfortable supporting the trail.

    And that is far more than enough about the BG in this thread that’s not about the BG. Sorry to contribute to the derail.

  10. Dad Watson’s and Cantinetta are pretty much right off the Burke Gilman, so I’d say they’re probably pretty safe to ride to, even if you’d think it’s too dangerous to ride on regular streets.

  11. @yep If only 8th had a bike lane… Also, you do know that Snoose Junction delivers by bike–meaning they can easily bike to where you live from their restaurant.

    There are many more dangerous biking-areas than the so-called missing link. Getting onto the Ballard bridge Northbound for instance.

  12. I have a feeling if this missing-link was fixed that bike riders would just complain about something else.

  13. Have name: well, yes. Of course. Let’s say you’re a driver who’s concerned about the Alaskan Way Viaduct. If the city replaced the viaduct in a way that you liked, but left I-5, the Mercer Mess, and 520 bridge in shambles, wouldn’t you shift your focus to those problems?

  14. “When you post on here about “the boycott” as if it’s an actual thing and treat the entire CC as though they’re some kind of horrible monster enemy”

    the boycott is real. there’s lots of us that have become ‘selective’ about which ballard businesses we use.

    unfortunately, it’s probably places like snoose junction that get hit hardest. I’d much rather boycott Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel, but there’s nowhere else nearby to get concrete.

    there’s plenty of pizza joints.

  15. Just got back from a very enjoyable evening at Naked City Brewing Company in Greenwood. Three of us biked from Ballard to find at least 12 other cyclists already there. The owners committed to donating a percentage of their profits from all diners tonight to Lettuce Link, not just from those of us who cycled. I think the inaugural event was a success on many counts.

  16. ‘lettuce link?’

    I thought the proceeds were going to the ‘missing link’

    I could train a monkey to grow lettuce.

  17. Hey, that’s cool about Naked City. I biked down to Stepping Stone, and they seemed a bit confused about the whole thing. I hope my two beers got counted toward Lettuce Link. I couldn’t tell if anyone else there was participating or not.

    @yep, I am excited about your monkey-farming idea and I would be interested in receiving your informational brochure.

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