Benefit concert organized by a complete stranger

Allecia Clemons didn’t know Helen Gebregiorgis before the fatal fire in Fremont on June 12th. But since that day when five family members died, Clemons has helped raise money for the Gebregiorgis family and the family of her late sister, Eyerusalem Gebregiorgis.

At a benefit concert Tuesday night in Fremont, Clemons along with Rose Laughlin, Ann Fiser, Michael Trew (who performed with Autumn Electric) and Clallum Country performed for a crowd of 40 or so people. A $10 donation was accepted and people could buy a raffle ticket for $5. John Legend, a six-time Grammy winner, donated four tickets and backstage passes to his concert at the Puyallup Fair to the winner of the raffle.

You can read more about this benefit concert, plans for another one and other ways to donate at our sister site,

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