Emergency fund set up for fire victims

A week ago, six people were displaced after a fire destroyed the four-plex at NW 67th St. near 23 Ave. NW. Two of the residents were injured. One jumped out a window, another ran through the fire to escape.

Ballard Realty is the property management company for the building and has set up an emergency fund for the victims. All funds donated will go towards medical expenses and helping the tenants find new homes.

You can donate to the emergency fund at:

Ballard Realty
1702 NW Market St.


Viking Bank
2237 NW 57th St
Account number: #1016041137

11 comments on “Emergency fund set up for fire victims”

  1. Good to know. Hope helps comes in. The man injured with burns is the brother of a co-worker so it’s close to home so to speak.

  2. Horrible fire – so glad to get info on how to help. A little bit from a lot of us would go a long way (hint, hint)

    I’m a Ballard Realty property mgmt tenant, and I gotta say, I just love ’em. Good peeps, and I’m happy to see them do this.

  3. Ok, friendly challenge to my fellow Ballard Realty tenants to include a donation with their rent checks tomorrow! Any amount helps!

  4. I also saw a fund collection at Zak’s in Ballard.
    Awesome way the community helps out!

  5. If everybody here dropped off at least a $20 spot, it’d add up quite rapidly. Thanks for getting this info. to us. In cases of this nature, it DOES take a village, not a huge intrusive government that doesn’t care.

  6. Not to rain the parade (four days late), but how does properly installed and up-to-code electrical wiring in a wall overheat to the point of starting a fire? If I lived in a Ballard Realty managed home, I’d be wondering about the state of my wiring.

  7. To Anonymouse:

    The properties the Ballard Realty manages are not owned by them. It is not their responsibility for the wiring, it’s the property owner. Ballard Realty has done a good thing here.

    You ask “how does properly installed and up-to-code electrical wiring in a wall overheat to the point of starting a fire?” Have you never had anything fail in your life? Circuit breakers can go bad and cause issues like this.

    Maybe you should go hop in your Prius and see how that works for you.

  8. Thanks, Joel, for the clarification (Prius ending, notwithstanding).

    I’ve lived in a Ballard Realty managed home for three years so far, and they’ve not only been receptive, responsible, efficient and professional, they’ve gone the extra mile for me more than once. My family AND the legal owner of the property are big fans.

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