Nominate a movie for Neighborhood Movie Night

The Whittier Heights Community Council is getting ready for the second annual Neighborhood Movie Night and organizers want help selecting a movie.

Last year’s inaugural movie night featured Wall E.

The movie night will either be held Saturday, August 7th or Friday, August 13th at Kirke Park, depending on permits, Brad Wakeman with the WHCC says. Kirke Park is the new name for the park on 9th Ave NW between NW 70th St and NW 73rd St. To nominate a movie, email brad at or leave a suggestion in comments below.

30 comments on “Nominate a movie for Neighborhood Movie Night”

  1. 1. Raiders of the Lost ARK
    2. Star Wars Episode IV
    3. Monsters Inc.
    4. Toy Story
    5. Mary Poppins
    6. The Apple Dumpling Gang
    7. Star Trek (any one although II is the best)
    8. Penguins
    9. Cars
    10. A collection of Looney Tunes cartoons
    11. A Three Stooges Night (3-4 shorts – they are 15-20 min. each)
    12. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    Just a few thoughts to get the ball rolling.

  2. 1. Grosse Point Blank
    2. A League of their Own
    3. Victor/Victoria

    For the kiddies:
    1. Mary Poppins
    2. The Lion King
    3. The Wizard of Oz

  3. I would enjoy Buster Keaton or Chilly Willy as fun intros.
    A double feature with Blade Runner and Metropolis (with the Queen Soundtrack)
    The original Tron would be fun.

  4. Maybe a series of shorts. That way people can come and go, not have to worry about being there ontime or leaving early. I know outdoor movies are popular with people…but they are with bugs too!

  5. I agree with angela “Up!” since the house in the movie was based off of Edith Macefield’s.
    Other suggestion: “Sandlot”.

  6. They played “Up!” at the outdoor movie that was shown during the BURP event in the park in May. So perhaps something else?

    1. A Fish Called Wanda
    2. Dirty Dancing

  7. Ooo I second dirty dancing!

    We just moved to the neighborhood and hope that the movie will be on August 7th so that we can go!

  8. Well- twice in a lifetime was made in Ballard ( Gene Hackman’s trailer was parked at the top of our street)- Mike’s Chili Parlor also played a starring role.
    Have to admit I have never seen it. Watching a shoot is boring!

    But my vote is Princess Bride or Ever After.

  9. Something with Tom Hanks. ‘The Burbs’ or ‘The Money Pit’ seem Ballardy :)

  10. +1 Fantastic Mr. Fox. or some other newer release.
    I watched FMF on my last flight, but didn’t listen as I had other things to do and didn’t want to cough up 3 bucks for headphones – but always wanted to see it for reals.

  11. RP…Oh, I forgot about Expiration date ! That is such a great movie and filmed in Ballard and Fremont among other NW places. My family LOVES that movie and can’t help but chuckle every time we see a Smith Brothers Dairy Truck !

  12. Anyone who recommends Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, or Ghost will be shipped off to a film re-education work camp.

  13. I vote for Ghost Busters, The Blues Brothers, or Princess Bride. NOT Mary Poppins unless you just show the chimney sweep dance sequence!

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