Second barbershop pole stolen within a week

For the second time in a week, a barber pole has been stolen off the wall in front of a business on 15th Ave NW.

This morning, Bob Morris, the owner of Ballard Barber Shop (6207 15th Ave NW) discovered the 20-year-old red, white and blue pole was missing from beside his front door. He says the pole was there yesterday and didn’t notice it was gone until a customer next door told him. Since this is the second barber shop pole to be stolen within two blocks, (Smitty’s pole was stolen last week) Morris doesn’t think it’s a prank. “If you’re stealing two, you’re stealing them to sell,” he tells us. He’s not planning to replace the pole because of the $649 price tag. (Thanks Cecilia for the tip!)

9 comments on “Second barbershop pole stolen within a week”

  1. Just yesterday I noticed that the New York Barber Cuts at 85th & 8th has a barber pole. They may want to lock it down…

  2. I doubt it's the hobos now, most look like unruly hippies. What would they do with a barber's pole?

  3. In Austin, there was a barber pole near the University that was stolen so often as a hazing prank (over the course of decades) that the owner installed quick-release latches on it so that it could be “stolen” and returned without incurring repair charges. Sadly, I don't think that's the case here.

  4. Mr. Morris is a lovely man. He always has a smile and a wave for neighbors that pass by. He doesn't deserve this. It makes me sad.

  5. People have nothing better to do then ruin the barbershop tradition. It really is a shame. Get a life people!!

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