Two suspects captured in police search

10:50 p.m. Two suspects fled a reported stolen vehicle in the vicinity of 65th St. and 14th Ave., triggering a widespread search to find them. Police brought in the Guardian One helicopter and a K9 unit, and a few minutes later, both suspects are in custody — one captured on 11th Ave. near 64th St.

“Had to go inside my house because the cops started flashing lights at me, as if i was a suspect!” writes CaliBallard84 in comments.

The helicopter could be heard across Ballard, as well as the large number of police units responding from around North Seattle. (Thanks Silver for the tip!)

Also: As an interesting aside, Guardian One was also flying over the U District tonight after boaters bumped into a “unknown object” under the Montlake Bridge that they believe may have been a body.

15 comments on “Two suspects captured in police search”

  1. Yep, the helicopters are loud up around 77th, and there are a lot of sirens.

  2. I can see the Helicopter circling from my condo which means it is close! That is coming from Market St.! Catch em’! Since all I can hear is helicopter, something good better come out of this! :-)

  3. Good at least if they arrested someone hopefully the helicopter will go away and I can sleep instead!

  4. At least 3 police vehicles were on 63rd between 11th and 14th with the helicopter directly overhead. All quiet now.

  5. I just had a funny thought. I heard sirens, then the helicopter and my first instinct was to go to! Haha

  6. The crime must somehow be connected to the low-income housing the city wants to build. Just kidding. ;)

  7. Heard the helicopter and saw a police cruiser driving up and down 67th. He stopped a pedestrian at 67th and 14th and asked him to open up his jacket (the guy looked a little suspicious), but let him go. Police cruiser continued to drive up and down the street a while, but the helicopter is gone now.

    Awesome job, My Ballard Blog, for having the news before anyone else!

  8. What if they had tried to break into your house with your family home, would you want the cops to leave you all alone then?

  9. Seems like an odd response for a stolen car, which is usually a ho-hum deal around here. Was it a carjacking?

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