Possible coyote sighting in Ballard

Early Monday morning, Katherine tells us that she spotted two coyotes near the intersection of 19th Ave NW and NW 73rd St. She says that after her swing shift she was walking her dog around 1 a.m. when she came across the animals.

Photo of coyote from earlier this year in Magnolia.

“We all just sort of stood and stared at one another for a while, and then the two of them loped westward on 73rd,” She writes in an email, “They were the healthiest looking coyotes I’ve ever seen, so they must be eating really well. Actually, I quite like Coyotes: they’re smart and incredibly adaptable. But they are wild animals and must be treated with respect and kept at a distance. I’m worried that these two are so healthy because they are: a) eating dogs and cats that are being left outside at night (I see a lot of lost pet flyers in Ballard); b) eating dog and cat food that people are leaving out in their yards; and, c) eating a lot of raccoons and possums.”

We also received a Tweet from Budi Prasetya around 1:45 a.m., “OMG, I just saw a fox crossing in 24th and 70th Ballard.”

Coyotes have been spotted before in the vicinity of Golden Gardens and Olympic Manor, but this is the first time we’ve heard of a sighting right in the middle of Loyal Heights.

Here is information from the Department of Fish and Wildlife about coyotes. Earlier this year, Fish & Wildlife officers shot and killed a coyote in Magnolia after two months of sightings.

17 comments on “Possible coyote sighting in Ballard”

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  2. I saw one in my yard at 4:30am. I live right across the street from Loyal heights elementary school.

  3. I saw two in North Beach a while back. They were just sauntering down the street in the middle of the night looking very content. They are so beautiful.

  4. great, countdown ’til they’re shot starts…”oooh but my widdle dog and chiiiiiildren are in danger”. gah.

  5. Explains the Road Runner I saw this morning and the acme anvil in my driveway . . .

  6. I agree. They are beautiful animals.

    Would gladly trade more coyotes in Ballard for a bunch of the fatties we’ve got walking around Market St. every day.

  7. We live at 73rd and 17th and recently discovered a huge pile of poo in our fenced in back yard. Perhaps this answers the question of what it belonged to.

  8. Don’t all of the restaurants in Seattle now put their trash out in bags? Being a much easier place to find food than people’s cats and dogs, I would think that has something to do with them looking so well fed.

  9. The dumpster-free alley program is in Downtown Seattle only, where to my knowledge there’s not much of a coyote population.

  10. Some animals enjoy hunting for food – ie. most mammals. We’re predators, yo.

  11. Many animals predate or hunt, not just mammals.
    Not all mammals are predators- herbivores- horses, rabbits etc. do not.
    Sharks hunt but they are not mammals.

    Man has messed up natural habitats.
    We are at fault not the wild critters.

  12. At about 5:30 this morning,near my home in Phinney Ridge, I saw what was clearly a coyote loping slowly down the hill on 64th Street towards Green Lake. It was like he didn’t have a care in the world. There was no mistaking that it was a coyote—bushy tail, long legs. Pretty amazing.

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