A photo tour of Ballard Christmas lights

We packed up the kids and drove around Ballard and Crown Hill — with the help of a few of you on Twitter –to snap photos of some of the best Christmas light displays in the neighborhood.

One of our favorite discoveries is this home on 8th Ave. and Alderbrook in Crown Hill, suggested to us by @bentsauce. Pretty!

Not too far away, this home on 8th Ave. and 90th is peppered with lights, even covering the roof. It reminds us of that scene from Christmas Vacation.

Just like every year, neighbors at Olympic Manor pull out all the stops. (Enter at 85th St. and 23rd Ave.) This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but nearly every home is covered in lights, drawing a steady stream of onlookers. Thanks @wineandswine for the reminder!

This house on 80th St. and 18th Ave. always draws a lot of attention with its intricate display. Here’s a close-up which includes a full nativity scene.

Another home with attention to detail is 51st near 6th Ave., which features a fishing boat and big train that covers a fence (with rotating lights on the wheels.) Always a treat.

Finally, here’s the Gingerbread House on 9th and 73rd, complete with candy canes, gingerbread people and candies dangling from the eaves.

God Jul!

12 comments on “A photo tour of Ballard Christmas lights”

  1. Beautiful – so much fun to look at pictures of homes in area that I grew up!

  2. These are great pictures. Nice to see what Ballard looks like right now!

  3. thank you for this. not getting out to see much this year so i appreciate your sharing these pictures.

  4. Green enough, since all these lights are powered by water. And while you’re out looking at lights on 8th NW, check out the 9000 block of 9th NW and the 9000 block of Dibble Ave NW.

  5. According to the Stupid Hippie Christmas lights “aren’t very green”. Hey ya big dope, ya ever hear of a new thing called LED? Welcome to the new millenium. Merry Christmas to all!

  6. just another block or so up from the Alderbrook house was my personal fave the giant holiday lights martini glass!

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