2nd annual Polar Bear Plunge Saturday

Get ready for the second annual Polar Bear Plunge at Golden Gardens.

Video from the 2010 Polar Bear Plunge.
The 2011 plunge is at 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day with awards being handed out for costumes. “Take the plunge, it’s not cold, it’s invigorating!” Rick Sandvig writes in the events calendar submission. Afterward, head to the Lock & Keel (5144 Ballard Ave NW) for a hot toddy to warm up. According to the National Weather Service highs on Saturday will be in the upper 30s. Of course we’ll be there, on the beach, with our camera.

5 comments on “2nd annual Polar Bear Plunge Saturday”

  1. Oh, the sand is wonderful on bare feet. GG is a great beach, and believe it or not, most of it is under water.
    I swim at GG a couple of saturdays a month throughout the winter, and several times a week in the summer. The water is cleaner and clearer in winter than in summer, and there are no jellyfish this time of year.

  2. I would if I had the err.. “insulation” that these folks in the video have.

  3. So I’ve been reading that the Polar Bear Plunge at Golden Gardens starts 11am. Some sources say noon. Some 10am. What the word??

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