Bicyclist injured in accident on 3rd Ave.

A man on a bicycle and a car collided near West Woodland Elementary School just before 5 p.m. The accident at 3rd Ave. and 54th St. briefly trapped the bicyclist’s legs under the vehicle, Seattle Fire tells us. But other than abrasions, the man in his 40s sustained “no significant injuries.” He was transported to Harborview Medical Center. The driver of the vehicle was not injured.

No word on the cause of the accident, which was cleared at 5:45 p.m. Silver has been posting updates in the forum here.

16 comments on “Bicyclist injured in accident on 3rd Ave.”

  1. that’s remarkable that he was ‘trapped’ under the vehicle yet only sustained minor abrasion injuries.

    count your lucky stars pal!

  2. There is not enough room for bicycles to use 3rd Ave NW. They need to ride on the sidewalk or use a different route.

  3. Cars take up too much room on 3rd Ave NW. They need to drive through school playgrounds or find more people to run over.

  4. The driver was probably one of those evil Ballard Chamber of Commerce members who was trying to send a message to the bicyclist about the bike trail.

  5. I ride up 6th till I get to 55th. Then cut up to 4th by West Woodland Elementary. Its much quieter than 3rd or 8th.

  6. Or maybe cars drive too fast on 3rd. Personally, I like to toodle at a cool 25mph.

  7. Bikes should never ride on sidewalks, those are for pedestrians. Bikers should also wear high-visibility clothing ,plenty of lights, and helmets! A good half of ’em don’t.

  8. I usually ride my bike on the sidewalk instead of on the street, as it’s much safer to do so on major streets. The sidewalks are for bikes, too, but of course bikes must yield to pedestrians and take care to ride on the sidewalk in a safe and courteous manner, being ready to stop in an instant if needs be.

  9. If you’re riding about as fast as a pedestrian, have big fat tires, are short enough to duck all the landscaping, are wearing 15 flashing lights to alert the crossing cars that don’t expect you on the sidewalk, willing to get off your bike at every intersection, not riding on trash days, then yeah…you’re better off on the sidewalk. For people who actually ride bikes normally it’s not a viable option.

  10. According to the law, no bicycles on sidewalks. Surprising how few people know this.

  11. I usually take 6th all the way up to 77th (then over to Fremont if I’m heading further north). I’ll sometimes take 3rd if I’m heading south and can keep up with traffic, but in general, the old streetcar routes are (6th, 24th, 28th, etc) are best: they usually have the easiest grade, and they’re plenty wide for drivers to pass.

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