What makes your neighbors so great?

Seattle’s 17th annual Neighbor Appreciation Day is February 12th and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods wants to hear what makes your neighbors so great. Post your good neighbor stories here and read what others are saying about what makes their neighborhood special.

Neighbor Appreciation Day is Seattle’s annual day to reach out to neighbors, create new bonds, and express thanks to those who help make your neighborhood a great place to live. Hundreds of people across Seattle will come together on February 12 (and the week of) to celebrate. To learn more about Neighbor Appreciation Day, click here. There you will find ideas, tools, e-greeting cards, and a listing of events.

12 comments on “What makes your neighbors so great?”

  1. One gave me a 6 pack of beer randomly. I was going to repay with my Rose IPA and Stout, but my stout had to be poured down the drain…

    Another neighbor only hear from when they complain or when they have the bass up too loud and don’t realize it.

  2. Neighbors? I have a bunch of true Seattleites who never open their curtains, rain or shine, hot or cold. They go to work, come back, close their doors. Only decent neighbors I have are the transplants.

    SO I’m giving thanks to the transplants!

  3. I must be on a good block! Sure, there are some recluses. But there are also lots of friendly folks on the block who are fun to live near, and I know I could go to them for help anytime.

  4. We have the best neighbor in the world. He is an amazing photographer and takes pictures of our kids for us. He is a versatile handyman and has done a ton of work for us. He has a truck and will make a dump run for us when we need it. He brought us a huge bottle of liquor for hot cider during a neighborhood caroling party. He helped us haul a ton of dirt when we were prepping our yard for grass. He has done a lot more and his wife is super cool too. Now, our neighbor on the other side….total jerk!

  5. I want to thank the Lutheran Church and Compass Housing Alliance for bringing the chronically homeless drunks, drug addicts and sex offenders to Ballard because they think Ballard will be a nice place for them to live. Another thanks to Compass for leasing space in their new Urness facility to a methadone clinic. Here’s another shout out to LIHI for wanting to bring hundreds of homeless to Ballard via the Urban Rest Stop they are proposing to build one block away from the Compass Housing Alliance. Thanks to all of you and the City of Seattle that have deemed Ballard the new skid row north.

  6. I’d prefer the recluses to the assholes that have been on our block. At least they know to mind their own business.

  7. We won the neighbor lottery! On all sides–even the kitty corner houses. We have AWESOME neighbors. With our neighbors who have kids, we now swap babysitting/date nights and have drop-off playdates or have one set of parents take all the kids to the park. We have dinners/BBQ’s together. We pick up each other mail/packages, borrow ingredients, share baked goods. (3 out of 4 of us are Seattle natives.)

    Our entire block is great. One neighbor’s driveway works as as sledding hill (and they’ll build a little jump at the base of it.) We promote block parties as well. We also have a bunch of kids in our neighborhood mostly around the same age (within a 3-4 year spread) and it’s really great to see them be able to hang out and run around between the houses and experience some “freedom”.

  8. Congratulations! Civilization will be built on the shoulders of your neighborhood and will be destroyed by the likes of mine…

  9. I guess we’re lucky. We have the ideal next door neighbors. They have a dog, they are quiet, just downright nice and cool, and always do the little things, like help you carry something up your stairs, or put away your garbage/recycling containers on the sly. I’m looking forward to Neighbor Appreciation Day this year for sure! We also live next to a set of six townhouses in which the people are quiet, and pretty considerate.

    The rest of our neighbors are awesome as well. Across the street, up the street- most have been here much longer than we have and they have set the tone of a street where people are involved, and considerate of everybody else.

  10. The Neighbor Appreciation Day links in this article (the first and third) are broken.

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