Ballard Rotary names students of the month

Each month the Ballard Rotary chooses two students of the month. Here is a little about this month’s:

Jordan Travis is a BHS senior with a 3.75 GPA. She is a gifted student athlete who plays for the BHS soccer team and recently signed a letter of intent to play soccer for Gonzaga. She has started her college curriculum through the running start program in coordination with ShorelineCommunity College and has also volunteered in various service projects such as the “Free to Breathe” foundation.

Elliot Keder is also a talented student with a 3.83 GPA. He is a 4 year member of the BHS band and is a member of both the wind and Jazz ensembles as an Alto Sax player. He is looking forward to attending college next year at either BostonUniversity or the University of Washington.

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