Sailboat fire quickly extinguished at Shilshole

A large response of firefighters rushed to a sailboat fire at Shilshole Marina just before noon. The fire was contained to a single sailboat — it started in the engine compartment — and firefighters were able to knock down the flames quickly.

My Ballard reader David sent us this photo of fire crews responding to the I dock. As is customary, dispatchers send a huge group of firefighters to boat fires in marinas, as flames can quickly spread to other boats. In this case, 6 engines were among the dispatch, as well as a fire boat and the Coast Guard. For more details on the dispatch, the My Ballard forum covered it here as it happened. (Thanks David and Silver!)

6 comments on “Sailboat fire quickly extinguished at Shilshole”

  1. Thanks for this timely news! Marine fires can be so terrible. Glad everyone is ok.

  2. RCW} It says engine compartment not engine dept another seatard fail to read the actual print

  3. The Swedes corrected the error. It definitely said “department”.

    Have a good morning, setard. You’re going to need it.

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