Local business leaving Ballard

Asher Anson, the retail clothing store on Market St., closed up shop this last weekend and is moving to Kirkland. “Asher Anson is moving to our new shop in Kirkland in April. Unfortunately, this means goodbye to our Ballard location. We will miss Ballard but we hope this isn’t goodbye to you. You have made our experience here so enjoyable. A BIG THANK YOU,” they write on their website. Along with the location change, the name of the shop will now be ASHER, focusing exclusively on men’s clothing and goods. (Thank you David for the tip!)

12 comments on “Local business leaving Ballard”

  1. Not surprised to see this store move to the Eastside; more money for overpriced clothes over there.

  2. Yeah, right. I simply can’t justify paying $200 for a pair of jeans, but you go right ahead. I’m sure Asher will be glad for your business, but I’m guessing you didn’t shop there either.

  3. I’ve bought stuff there and know plenty of people who shop there. I am disappointed that they’re leaving.

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