Three projects get funding through Small & Simple fund

Three neighborhood projects have been approved for a Small & Simple grant through the Neighborhood Matching Fund. The Sunset Hill – Shilshole Gateway, the Bountiful Backyard Barter and Bring the Ring back to Ballard will each get funding totaling $37,861.

The median along 36th Ave NW between NW 60th and NW 62nd Street

  • The Gateway project will engage neighbors to develop a plan and initial improvements to enhance the walkability and safety of the main southern connection between Sunset Hill and Shilshole.
  • Bountiful Backyard Barter is designed to foster ease and connectedness in the community of Ballard residents interested and engaged in creating and sharing homemade and homegrown food.
  • Bring the Ring Back to Ballard will install an automatic, programmable mechanism in Ballard’s existing historic bell structure, located at the corner of 22nd Ave NW and Ballard Ave NW. The bell will ring regularly and on demand for special occasions. We will have a public celebration to honor the return of the bell’s ring to Ballard.

    5 comments on “Three projects get funding through Small & Simple fund”

    1. These all sound like great projects! The projects themselves and the community feeling they engender are great uses of at least my tax dollar.

    2. I wish they would use some of the Sunset Hill rain garden project money on similar projects that actually benefit the area. The Gateway & Bell projects are really good ideas.

    3. Seems like this money could be allocated better. Have you been on 15th ave nw lately? “The median along 36th Ave NW between NW 60th and NW 62nd Street?” Give me a break. Free hand out for the fortunate around sunset hill to raise their economic slumping property values.

    4. Perhaps someone living in those areas you mentioned should have submitted an application for funding. Each of the projects listed above had someone who took the time to fill out an application and submit it for consideration. These things don’t just happen magically, you know.

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