Salmon Bay School playground enters final phase

The final design for the new playground at Salmon Bay School has been released and is being very well received, Robin Lofstrom the project manager for the renovation project tells us. “Participants at the open house loved the design, and the kids cluster around it each morning,” Lofstrom says. “In this economy, though, people are concerned about costs and the committee is working with our architect to see what possible phasing of the project might look like, which will not lose the essential elements we’ve identified that make our playspace ASD-friendly.”

A look at the final design for the new playground at Salmon Bay School. Larger images can be found here.

The next step is the phasing option. There will be a meeting on April 14th at 6 p.m. in the Salmon Bay School cafeteria to answer questions before the board meeting. During the meeting, the Salmon Bay community will vote on the phasing plan and commit to the project through fundraising and outreach. Lofstrom tells us that they plan to apply for another Small & Simple grant through the Department of Neighborhoods. This fall they will apply for other grants and do direct asks. “The steering committee is very much in need of people who can work with us over the summer to create our biggest outreach event, to be held in September or October. And we are always looking for ASD (autism spectrum disorder) advocates and grant writers,” Lofstrom says.

Throughout the project, organizers want to stay in touch with the community and hear feedback. “We very much want to stay engaged with our neighbors!” Lofstrom tells us. Click here for more information on the playground.

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