Soil sampling to begin in Ballard

Starting this week, the Department of Ecology (DOE) is partnering with the City of Seattle to collect soil samples in several parts of the city, including Ballard. “The specific goal of the study is to determine the range and amount of dioxins in soil in both the Lower Duwamish area and greater Seattle urban areas,” the flyer states. It’s a statewide study, but the focus in Seattle is on Ballard, South Park, Georgetown, Ravenna, Capitol Hill and West Seattle.

The study results will provide a better understanding of the range of dioxin/furan concentrations in urban soils. In particular, this study will provide information that will help us compare levels already measured in South Park and other sites in the City of Seattle to other areas in the LDW corridor and Seattle.

During the study, DOE will collect 20 samples from the public right-of ways in each of the six neighborhoods for a total of 120 samples. Once the study is complete, DOE will release its findings on the amount of dioxins and furans in our soil. More information can be found here.

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It would be great if they could test for I131 while they are at it.