Ballard entrepreneur filling the munchy niche

A Ballard entrepreneur is taking his late-night cravings and making a business out of them. Noel Davenport is officially launching, a delivery service for snacks, drinks and even toilet paper.

“Ice cream is coming! Ice cream is my go-to munchy. I’ve been known to have upwards of 13 containers of ice cream in my personal freezer!” Noel Davenport owner of

“I think it is simply traced back to my own desire for such a service,” Davenport says of when he decided to start the business. “I remember it clearly – about a year ago, sitting at my condo with a group of friends, everyone wanted snacks but no one wanted to make ‘the run!’ We hop on the ol’ interweb looking for something – I mean, we’re living in a major city in the 21st century, surrounded by services of convenience! Alas, no such service in Seattle.”

Davenport says he knows the product list is incomplete, he’s hoping to hear feedback from people on what they want. “My goal is to price products very competitively with a reasonable delivery charge,” he tells us. The delivery charge is anywhere from $2.99 to $9.99 – the more you spend the cheaper the delivery. His delivery service is available for those over 21, Thursday through Saturday 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

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  1. Great idea! This perfect for the nights when you know you shouldn’t be driving or if you just dont feel like leaving your house. I wish I would have thought of it..

  2. Great idea! Ballard needs tbis! Good ice cream like mollymoons or Parfait. Theo chocolate

  3. May sound weird… but you could also carry a small variety of fresh fruits and veggies. Not all people in a group crave the same stuff when they get late-night hungry!

  4. I must be having some sort of late 90s flashback… Does this fellow drive an orange motor scooter?

  5. I always thought the singular of “munchies” was “munchie”, not “munchy”.

    But in all fairness, I was stoned back then.

  6. There was a website that did this in Seattle during the dot com boom around 2000-2003. I forget the name but it was awesome. You could get anything from candy to porn to beer.

  7. Maybe an ’emergency’ category for things like cat and dog food and toilet paper… those are the things I forget to pick up on my way home from work.

  8. Umm, minimum order is $10, so their delivery fee chart doesn’t make sense.

    $0 – 20 = $9.99


  9. Kozmo- really miss them! They’d deliver magazines, beer and lots of other stuff quick!

  10. Yep, Kozmo. There’s a reason they’re not around. There’s also a reason why almost all stores outside of Manhattan used to offer this sort of service and no longer do. I’d be interested to know how he intends to make money doing something that so many others have tried and failed at.

  11. Thank you Ballard!
    iHaveMunchies is open and ready to serve!
    Friend Pickworth Puffin on Facebook for $4.00 OFF your order.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and support!

    Feel free to contact me directly with any ideas on how we can better serve – or 206-659-6635

  12. IHM has all proper licensing for distribution and resale of alcohol and tobacco.

    In fact, I thank WA Liquor Control for working with us, making certain provisions that blend SERVING with RETAIL license- for example, all our delivery personnel must be 21 or older and all alcohol sales must be paid via credit card before leaving the IHM’s store.

    There’s a lot of other boring details, but rest-assured, we are as legit as they come!


  13. Know limits, grow slowly, and remain locally connected.

    :)IHM serves Ballard and Fremont with expansion plans to Downtown, U District, Queen Anne and MORE!

  14. Kozmo was the best – fantastic business for total stoners like myself. My roommate and I spent hundreds of dollars a month with them. Alas, not enough to keep them going.

  15. Don’t waste all your seed money on t-shirts and free crap, and always charge for delivery! Business 101.

  16. Great idea! I have often craved Ice Cream after a night out of dancing and alas, you will bring it to my door!

  17. This should help clarify :) Delivery Fees:$0 – 20 = $9.99$20 – 40 = $7.99$40 – 60 = $5.99$60 – 70 = $3.99$70 or More = $2.99* (No minimums) And…$4.00 OFF if you ‘friend’ Pickworth Puffin on Facebook!(cutting delivery fee more than half for most orders) Common order:1 six-pack PBR Tallboys ($5.99)1 twelve-pack Deschutes ($14.99)2 Red Bulls ($3.20)ORDER TOTAL = $27.38DELIVERY FEE = $7.99LESS $4.00 PROMO = $3.99 Hope that helps! Munch on,-pp

  18. I couldn’t go through the entire list but is rolling papers listed. I honestly know alot of people that would probably add those in an order

  19. Your FAQ says minimum order is $10.

    The the first tier of your delivery fees should be $10 – $20 = $ 9.99

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