37th annual SeafoodFest looking for volunteers

Reposted: With SeafoodFest a little more than two weeks away, organizers are still in need of volunteers. This year’s weekend event will be held July 9th & 10th.

The crowd at SeafoodFest 2010

Volunteer opportunities include – help with set-up and tear-down, selling raffle tickets, being part of the “green team” for recycling and trash, ice wrangling (taking ice to vendors), music stage volunteers and working with children in the KidZone. Interested volunteers can email Karen Siscel Smith at seafoodfestvolunteer@hotmail.com.

12 comments on “37th annual SeafoodFest looking for volunteers”

  1. Cue douchey industrialist apologists working against the good of our neighborhood in 3, 2, oh wait…too late he already got here.

  2. Where’s the post asking where the “My Ballard is a member of the BOC” disclaimer is?

  3. If SeafoodFest is coming, PLEASE tell me that means that summer is actually going to show up this year … !

  4. “Our” neighborhood  wouldn’t exist without those industries.  We can’t all be pseudo-intellectuals that ride our bikes and claim to do it for the good of the earth.  Self-righteous douchies…  If you don’t like Seafood Fest take your $20 an hour earning a$$ and stay home.  All the real earners will more than make up for your poor a$$. douchies…  If you don’t like Seafood Fest take your $20 an hour earning a$$ and stay home.  All the real earners will more than make up for your poor a$$.

  5. So let me get this straight… “our” neighborhood is threatened by a bike trail? The great and mighty sand and gravel company, the family legacy that is Ballard Oil, and the rest will all disappear the moment a road improvement is made? We’ve been through this before and we’ll be through it again it seems. 
    There are a couple businesses that use the public right of way for their own good and don’t want to lose all that free use of public land. They’ll spend their money on lawyers to fight against a safer route and all their arguments against the trail have been proven to be either completely bogus or so incredibly exaggerated that they may as well be bogus. 
    I used to have a soft spot for these industries but not anymore. I won’t mourn them closing up or moving out of Ballard and taking their minimum wage jobs with them.

  6. mike tyson didn’t say that the trail is a threat to the neighborhood, he said they are an integral part of the neighborhood, and have been there longer than you’ve probably been alive

    and what evidence do you actually have that Ballard Oil and Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel pay only minimum wage? 

  7. and did i mention i rode my bike home from downtown last night – going via shilshole (right past SB S&G), then across market, past the locks, up seaview, and up through golden gardens?

    i did just fine withouth the missing link. like i, and many others, will do again tonight.
    i’m all for the missing link being finished, but ballard has far bigger problems to fix

  8. What evidence does McTyson actually have that I make $20/hr? And does he mean that’s too much or too little?

  9.  Did I mention that I drove a car over a bunch of potholes and survived? I’m all for filling potholes, but doesn’t the government of Ecuador have better things to do?

  10.  Summer has been cancelled. Industry lobbied against it and summer is now tied up in the courts. We’ll have an extended spring and move directly into autumn unless we can get an injunction in time. At this point it’s looking unlikely.

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