Nearby: Fremont PCC employee disappears

Family and friends are looking for any information about the disappearance of Fremont PCC employee Jeff Johnson. Johnson often works the early morning shift to open the store but on Friday, August 26th he never made it to work. . Friends and family have begun posting flyers all over town hoping someone might know where Johnson is.

Leo writes in with some details about Johnson:

At 6′ 2″, 200 pounds,a walrus mustache, and friendly as the day is long, Jeff is hard to miss. The flyer has details about his truck including the license plate number. I think it said he was in his fifties. He usually parks his white pickup in the Fremont neighborhood while working at the store. He has worked for PCC for quite a while. Anyone having info can contact Fremont PCC or other number on the flyer. Everyone hopes he is okay.

Johnson’s white Dodge pickup truck was found by Seattle Police on Sunday morning, August 28th at Carkeek Park. His wife left the following comment on our sister site Fremont Universe:

He has not visited the park to my knowledge very often if ever. He is also not disabled etc. We think the truck was dumped there, but are not sure whether it was Fri, Sat or Sun am. The truck was found by seattle police Sun @10:00 am. Also not sure when gates are open and closed each day and if that happens on a regular basis. Any info about the park in that regard would be helpful. Thanks for your concern.

She writes again in comments:

On Sunday the 28th about 15 people from PCC and otherwise ,walked the park looking for him there. I not sure if he is there, but if you happen to be at the park and would be aware of his image from the picture and could look around that could not hurt. Thank you for your offer of help. Any thing you can do would be helpful at this point.

According to our news partners, The Seattle Times, there are no signs of foul play at this point. Investigators are asking anyone with information about Johnson’s whereabouts to call the Sheriff’s Office tip line: 425-388-3845.

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