Sierra Club to host forum on coal trains this week

On Wednesday, April 18, the Sierra Club is hosting a forum to talk about the regional impacts of possible coal trains going through Ballard. The Sierra Club says the coal industry wants to, “run up to 18 mile-and-a-half long coal trains through Magnolia and Ballard to Bellingham, for export to Asia and beyond.” The group fears that the trains will put toxic coal dust into the air, create traffic problems, and threaten the local fishing and boating community.

Peabody Energy is one mining group that worries the Sierra Club; according to a Seattle Times article, the company announced plans to annually export 24 million tons of coal from a terminal north of Bellingham.

From the Sierra Club’s Coal Free Seattle site:

…This would result in up to 19 coal trains coming through our city every day, each more than a mile long and would spread toxic coal dust along the rail lines, clog our railroads, ports, and highways, risk our families’ health, pollute our air and water, and worsen the climate crisis.

The presenters will include Reverend Kathleen Webber; Robin Everett, Sierra Club; Pete Knutson, Loki Fish; Dr. Melissa Weakland and Dr. Jonathan Bell, Ballard Neighborhood Doctors; and Reverend Steve Grumm. The meeting is from 7 to 9 p.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church (6512 23rd Ave NW), and is open to the public.

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