Missing cat in Ballard

Update: Suesan wrote to tell us that Zac has been found, and is now safe at home. She says she wants to thank, “our wonderful Ballard community for thoughtful suggestions and well wishes.”

Earlier: Zac, a blue-eyed part-Siamese cat, has gone missing. His owner, Suesan, said he’s been gone since Satuday night, and the kids are getting worried about him.

His owner says he’s 7 years old, and has a black collar with a black bell attached to it.  She also says he’s “pretty skittish” and an indoor cat who escaped. “My 3 and 4 year-old are really worried and would like him back home safe and sound…We live at 75th Street and 18th Avenue Northwest.  If someone sees him, please contact me at suesanw@hotmail.com or home number 206-783-1921.”

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