Hazmat response in Fisherman’s Terminal

Update: The person being treated by medics has been released. Kevin Briggs, an assistant engineer on Pacific Producer, says the leak happened as they were repairing the ammonia line. The valves had been closed shut, but shipmate Jose Rodriguez says sometimes the valves have faulty seals. “The ammonia just came pouring out in clouds, said Briggs. He said there were ten people on board when it leaked.

Seattle Fire Department’s Kyle Moore says the situation is currently under control; firefighters are suited up in hazmat gear and working to repair the lines. Vessels are being kept 500 feet away from the site. The Pacific Producer is a fish processing vessel, according to Moore.

Earlier: One person is being treated for exposure to an ammonia leak off a boat, Pacific Producer, in Fisherman’s Terminal. The leak has caused a large hazmat response. Drivers can expect congestion near the Ballard Bridge. According to our tipster, Silver, the leak is in an inch and a quarter line that was being cut for repair. .


We’ll update as the story develops.

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