Seafood restaurant to fill old Thaiku location

The Opper & Melang duo are on the move yet again, and this time, it’s all about seafood. They’re opening a new restaurant in the location previously occupied by Thaiku (5410 Ballard Ave).

A representative with the restaurant says the new restaurant will offer fresh seafood dishes like oysters, chowders done three ways, and a seafood bisque. Co-owner Nathan Opper told the Puget Sound Business Journal that he envisions a fun atmosphere. “It will feel a little markety,” Opper told them. He also said to expend a full oyster bar featuring a cooker to steam shellfish and cook chowders, and even East Coast-style lobster rolls.

The name is yet to be nailed down, although “Willy’s” has been floating around as a possible choice. We’ll update with any developments about the new restaurant.

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