Trees still available in city’s giveaway program

The City of Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods program tells us they still have trees to give away to residents. The trees are going fast, they tell us, but they still have a number of species available. Residents are eligible for four trees per household.

Here is a list of the trees that need homes in Ballard (from the Trees for Neighborhoods):

  • The Fernleaf Beech – The Romans believed carrying around a piece of beech wood could bring good luck. Let the fernleaf beech bring good fortune to your yard with its whimsically shaped leaves that turn an enchanting gold, lighting up the neighborhood.
  • The Western Red Cedar – Lewis and Clark thought that western red cedars were amazing enough to be called the “trees of life” – arbor vitae. Plant one in your backyard and you’ll be on your way to helping our cities be full of life.
  • The Frontier Elm – While most elms turn yellow in autumn, ‘Frontier’ is a trail blazer with striking burgundy-red foliage. This unique cultivar of Chinese and European elms can be an exciting addition to your backyard!
  • The Japanese Cedar – Despite its name the Japanese cedar is not a true cedar. Instead this bluish needled tree is a member of the cypress family. An evergreen with true year-round interest! Grey-green needles take on a bronze color in winter with stunning red toned bark.

Applications are available here.

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