LIHI senior housing building gets green light from DPD, with guidelines

The Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI)  has the go-ahead to build the senior housing development at 2014 NW 57th St., but the city’s Department of Planning and Development has outlined some guidelines in their decision that must be met for the project to move forward. The building has gained significant public attention as it is the site of a proposed Urban Rest Stop, a hygiene facility for low-income and homeless people.

Sharon Lee, director of the Low-Income Housing Institute, says the guidelines were all agreed upon in early design review meetings, and she’s happy with the decision. Among the specific conditions include a reduction in the setback of the building, a waiting area for the proposed Urban Rest Stop, and privacy implementations. There also must be separate entrances for the proposed rest stop and the building occupants. In talking with neighbors, Lee says they asked for an opaque fence to line the west side of the building.

LIHI will put in an application for the Urban Rest Stop sometime in the next few months, says Lee. Before then, she plans to meet with neighbors and community members to address questions and concerns.

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