MAP boycott rally reportedly held at Ballard High School

By Danielle Anthony-Goodwin

Ballard High School teachers who support the MAP test boycott planned to wear red today and hold a protest rally. Similar rallies were also scheduled for boycotting staff at Garfield and Chief Sealth High Schools.

According to our news partners The Seattle Times “the protesting teachers say events also are planned in five other cities on what’s being called a “national day of action.” Groups around the nation are protesting such as  More Than A Score Chicago who are organizing the circulation of petitions to limit standardized tests.

Reportedly these events were planned before Seattle Superintendent Jose Banda wrote to Garfield High School administrators urging them to give the MAP tests to students without teachers’ involvement. “While I feel the teachers at Garfield are sincere in their efforts to postpone the administration of the MAP, I also have a strong obligation to the students and parents of this school district to ensure we are measuring student progress in a consistent manner across all schools” wrote Superintendent Banda.

Teachers confirm that boycotts will continue, as they believe that the MAP tests are inappropriate tools in measuring a student’s progress. Despite this, Banda remained optimistic in the closing paragraph of his memo. “I remain hopeful that we will continue to work together in support of our students. I look forward to future conversations with our staff and community about assessments and other important topics.”

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