Joy has returned to Ballard

By Danielle Anthony-Goodwin

We are pleased to update readers that Joy, the lost dog who was featured in our post on January 29, has been returned home safely.

She was found by a Seattle Animal Shelter officer on the north side of Green Lake last night. The officer was able to identify her by not only her microchip, but her photo and description on her Facebook page Joy Lost in Ballard.

Owner Tracy is thrilled to have her home and wants to extend thanks to all members of the community and especially the Seattle Animal Shelter officer who worked so hard to find her.

Last night Tracy confirmed via the Facebook page that Joy had “a clean bill of health from the vet, a quick stop at All The Best for a new harness, a rapidly-eaten dinner, and now she’s back to sleep. One happy girl, and one very grateful family.”

Check out Joy’s found photos included in our post. Thank you to our readers Kelli and Shannon for emailing through this fantastic news.

If you have a lost pet email us at and we will spread the word.

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