Raccoons run rampant and halt Ballard tower crane

By Danielle Anthony-Goodwin


The two raccoons who had taken up residence at the top of the tower crane in Ballard have left without a trace. Traps that had been set to humanely remove the raccoons were found empty yesterday and there were no raccoons in sight. In the absence of the raccoons Rafn Company will resume work with the crane today.

Original Post:

Two raccoons created a nest at the top of the 150 foot tower crane in Ballard (corner of 24th and Market), temporarily halting crane work. The crane is working to build a 304-unit apartment complex that is due to open in Summer 2014.

The raccoons, found by a crane operator,  were climbing the tower early on Wednesday. The contractor company Rafn Company called in wildlife experts who were unable to catch them. After failing to capture the raccoons the experts set up humane traps to lure the animals in with food.

Trent Kristjanson, who works at nearby Limback Lumber Company reported that the animals were large. “The thing was like a dog” he said.

The raccoons are still at large and, for now, the crane sits silently on the work site. Crews have resumed work on other areas of the site.

The Rafn Company have reported that the delay will not effect the progress of work on site as they are a few days ahead of schedule. They remain hopeful that the raccoons will be humanely caught as soon as possible and that they can recommence using the crane.

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