Final Neighborhood Matching Fund workshop set for tomorrow night

The final Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) workshop will be held tomorrow, February 21. This workshop is offered by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for neighborhood groups who are interested in applying to the Large Projects Fund this May. It will be held from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Aliova at Thornton Place (450 NE 100th St).

Attendance at the meeting is mandatory for neighborhood groups wishing to apply for funding. The Large Projects fund provides up to $100, 000 in matching funds for projects that are initiated by local communities.

The workshop will provide neighborhood groups with an overview of the NMF and the steps required in the application process. Attendees will also learn the qualities of a good project.

NMF was founded in 1988 to assist neighborhood groups with resources to build and strengthen their own neighborhoods through community-driven projects. Applicant projects can be physical projects, projects that provide educational and cultural benefit or provide relationship-strengthening activities for the community. Any project must assist in strengthening the neighborhood community and take place within the Seattle city limits.

The Large Projects Fund matches community resources raised for the project such as volunteer labor, donated materials, donated professional services or cash. For physical projects, such as a playground, the community must raise resources that are equal to the funding request and for non-physical projects, such as an event, at least half of the requested funding must be matched.

NMF also has the Small and Simple Projects Fund and Small Sparks Fund to provide funding for smaller projects.

To check out previous Large Projects Fund awards click here.

Anyone interested in the funding process is welcome to attend tomorrow’s workshop.

Application deadline for the Large Projects Fund is May 6, 2013. All applications are submitted online and successful applicants will be notified within three months of the full proposal deadline.

To find out more information call the NMF at (206) 233 – 0093 or email

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