Teatro ZinZanni presents an “an ode to the Northwest’s Nordic community”

Teatro ZinZanni’s latest show “Dinner at Wotan’s” pays homage to the gods of Ballard’s Nordic roots. The My Ballard team were invited to the media night performance last week to see a version of Nordic history in action.

The performance shows a humorous side to the story of Nordic gods Wotan, Thor, and Freya. We follow them on a hilarious journey filled with song and circus that throws a twist on the traditional tales well known to Ballard’s Nordic community.

Teatro ZinZanni is celebrating its 15th year of presenting cirque-themed dinner theatre in Seattle. Shows are performed in an antique cabaret tent imported from Belgium and the experience includes a five course meal which is served intertwined with the performance.

During “Dinner at Wotan’s” the audience is transported to the halls of Valhalla through the eyes of co-directors Norm Langill and Tobias Larsson. The performance also showcases a stellar international cast including Swedish stars Tobias Larsson and Anki Albertsson, Spanish trio Los Excéntricos and the US-Swiss aerial performance duo Vertical Tango, comprised of Sam Payne and Sandra Feusi.

The show features a hybrid style of music ranging from Wagner’s “The Ring” to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. “A lot of rock tunes live very close to classical pieces, so we’re trying to mix that classical world with the rock, and course, with our own Durkee-ZinZanni style,” said Larsson.

The performers combine music, circus, physical comedy and even rap to enthrall the audience in this hysterical piece. Throughout the show the courses are presented by well organized and dancing waitstaff who play memorable characters while serving.

The show would appeal to any readers who want to have a laugh and enjoy a story that is linked to our neighborhood’s heritage.

“Dinner at Wotan’s” will be playing until May 12. Check out their website for more details.

Photos courtesy of Teatro ZinZanni. Photographer – Keith Brofsky.

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