Beautiful Bike opens near Ballard

Beautiful Bike Indoor Cycling studio has opened at 310 NW 40th St. It is Seattle’s first and only RealRyder studio that aims to bring customers a unique exercise experience.

Owner Peter Cannon, born and raised in Queen Anne, has worked extensively as a corrective exercise practitioner.  He had the studio plans in the works since 2007 and opened it at the end of January. “I wanted to offer quality customer service in a unique training environment,” said Cannon.

Cannon purchased the RealRyder bikes for the studio in 2007. These bikes allow for a dynamic workout that integrates several muscle groups and, according to Cannon, allow people to burn 20 percent more calories than during popular Spinning classes. “These bikes are the Ferrari of spin bikes,” said Cannon.

The My Ballard team were invited to check out the studio and jump in the saddle. The bikes do feel different from the traditional stationary bikes found in most gyms. They allow you to pedal while moving side to side, giving you the feeling of a genuine bike ride.

The Beautiful Bike studio comprises of 12 bikes, with a full stereo system and personal training facilities. Customers have the option to have their bikes personally customized by a trainer and are able to book their specific bike online within 1-2 hours of the class. According to Cannon, this personalized experience allows customers to save on the usual wait time found in typical cycling classes.

Cannon believes that exercise is a workout of the mind, body and soul and believes that his studio allows customers to have this experience. “In terms of your own personal exercise on any given day, the bike will tell you what you need,” he said.

The studio is now fully up and running, offering multiple classes everyday and personal training sessions.

For more information about the studio check out the Beautiful Bike website or click here to see their Facebook page.

Check out the photos of  Peter and his studio above. Thank you to our reader Celia for the tip.

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