Monday movies in March start tonight at King’s Hardware

King’s Hardware (5225 Ballard Ave NW) begins their “Movie Mondays” series tonight at sundown. Kitchen Manager and film fanatic Dan McGrath is curating Jean-Claude Van Dan, a full month of offbeat films on Monday nights.

The unique films chosen by McGrath will include the following:

  • March 4th – Surviving The Game
  • March 11th – The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!
  • March 18th – Heavyweights
  • March 25th – Cemetery Man

McGrath provided us with a summary of tonight’s film. “In “Surviving the Game,”  instead of just getting a new Ferrari, a Viagra prescription, or a freshly botoxed trophy wife, these wealthy gents pay $50,000 to hunt a homeless dude played by none other than rapper and current SVU star Ice T,” he said.

The movies will begin at sundown every Monday in March on the covered and heated back patio.

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