It’s boating season – opening day is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the opening day of boating season, which means boat traffic will be heavier than usual, and the bridges could be a little more congested. The annual Opening Day boat parade through the Montlake Cut starts at noon, and will include hundreds of decorated boats to the theme “Hawaiian Magic,” which will be working their way from Lake Union to Lake Washington.

Both the Ballard and Fremont Bridges will be raised more than usual, so expect a bit of congestion in the morning and after 4 p.m. Also, the Montlake Bridge will be closed from around noon to 4 p.m. tomorrow, so plan your trip accordingly.

If you want to view the parade, the best shoreside viewing is on the banks of the Montlake Cut near the Montlake Bridge. The weather should be perfect for the parade; the forecast for Saturday is for sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70s.

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