SideCar ride sharing app offers local lifts to Ballardites

SideCar ride sharing app has officially launched in Ballard, allowing local drivers to connect with local riders.  The ride sharing program was launched here in Seattle last November and after success in Capitol Hill and downtown they have expanded their services to Ballard.

Through the SideCar app riders can be instantly matched with vetted drivers in the local area who are currently offering rides. The premise of the ride sharing app is simple. Once the driver and the rider are matched through the app the driver picks up the rider from the organized location, the driver then transports the rider to the destination and the rider pays a donation to the driver. In terms of the SideCar community drivers, they are simply locals with extra space in their cars who are licensed, insured and have passed background checks. “SideCar connects drivers in their own cars to riders who are looking for a reliable and sustainable way to get from point A to point B and builds a supportive, loving community along the way,” says SideCar Seattle Community Manager Lindsie Rowe.

When it comes to the expansion of the ride sharing app in Ballard, SideCar community driver Ben Meadow is quick to encourage locals to get on board. “Side Car offers a fun, affordable, green and social way to connect with the greater Seattle area for Ballardites that don’t drive or that don’t want to drive. Also, it’s one more safe way to get home after a night of bar hopping on Ballard Ave,” says Meadow. Community driver Lee Colleton also emphasized the positive impact of the program on our envrionment. “We need to reduce the number of cars on the road per capita as we continue to grow. Ridesharing is a great way to do that,” says Colleton.

It is widely known that ride sharing provides many benefits to both our local neighborhood and the environment, but when asked what SideCar provides that other programs don’t, Rowe was quick to answer. “Our community drivers see trip information before accepting a ride, so they can decide if accepting the trip makes sense for them – this is what makes SideCar true rideshare.” Rowe also explained that when riders enter the trip details they see a suggested donation for the ride, allowing both driver and rider to be informed before the trip takes place. “We are a ride sharing app that simply connects riders to drivers while reducing emissions, lessening traffic and providing a connection between people that creates a fantastic ride sharing community,” continues Rowe.

The app is now up and running in our neighborhood and is open for new driver and rider registrations. To find out more information about the program check out the FAQ here. To begin using SideCar you just need to download the app to your smart phone, register an account and register your credit card details. If you are interested in registering to become a community driver click here.

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