Ballard Health Club celebrates 15 years of serving our community

Ballard Health Club (2208 NW Market St) are celebrating their 15th Anniversary this month. The club opened on May 1st, 1998 and is still a strong part of Ballard’s fitness community.

Ballard Health Club is proud to be celebrating this important anniversary and want to thank the local community for their support over the years. “From the very beginning we made the conscious decision not to follow the standard gym model of using gimmicks and deals and over-the-top advertising to get customers, but instead to live and die by word of mouth – to deliver real value, and to trust that if we do right by our members, they will naturally tell their friends and families about us,” says General Manager Justin McGowan.

To celebrate the milestone the club are offering special clinics and the opportunity for locals to participate in the Ballad Health Club’s section of the 17th of May Parade. Click here to check out more about special events.

To find out more about the club click here to check out their Facebook page.

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