American Homestay Network looking for host families in Ballard

The American Homestay Network (AHN) has a short term opportunity for families in Ballard to be homestay hosts for visiting international students. Families have the chance to host a student from a group of twenty Chinese students who will be hosted by AHN as part of the upcoming “Be American” tour from July 28th – August 13th.

The AHN is seeking host families within the Ballard, Queen Anne, Fremont, U-District, and Wallingford areas to host one or two students for their visit to our city. The students will be studying at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) for the duration of their stay.While attending classes at SPU the students will be using public transportation to get back and forth every day.

All students are high school aged and can share a room if there are two twin beds. Internet should also be available to them to use throughout their stay. In terms of what hosts need to provide food wise, they are asked to supply a self-serve breakfast, help the students pack a lunch and eat dinner with them for the two week session. Bathrooms can be shared with the family.

Hosts will be paid $600 to host two students who share a room and $425 per student for a private room.

If your family is interested in hosting a student contact AHN staff member Glenda Sinclair at (425) 285-4466 or email her at

Find out more about longer hosting opportunities at the AHN website here.

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