Last day to give input on Ballard Transit Expansion Study

Today is the last day to give input on the city’s study that’s looking at expanding transit options between Ballard and downtown Seattle. Click here to be redirected to an online, interactive tool that allows you to take a look at each of the eight options proposed for creating rail transit.

Four of the options include creating a transit line on the west side of Queen Anne, through Interbay. The other four serve Fremont and the east side of Queen Anne. Three of those include plans to lay the route along Westlake, and one involves building a tunnel through Queen Anne.

You’ll also get to weigh in on options for rail crossing the Ship Canal; they are proposing building a 70-foot bridge that would open for marine traffic, a 140-foot fixed bridge, expanding and sharing the Fremont Bridge, or a tunnel.

The survey closes today, so click here to give the city your feedback on their proposed rail transit plans.

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