Block parties to fill Seattle streets tonight

Tonight is the 29th annual  Seattle Night Out, which means streets around the city will be blocked off for block parties. Night Out is an event organized by the city as a crime prevention tool, to get people to meet their neighbors.

There are several block parties being organized in Ballard, and according to the Seattle Night Out map, the following blocks will be setting up parties:

  • 18th Avenue NW between NW 87th and 89th Street
  • 80th and 20th Ave NW
  • 17th Ave NW between NW 70th & NW 73rd
  • 8300 block of 9th Ave NW
  • 20th Ave NW at NW 65th St.
  • 100 block of NW 58th St.
  • 14th Ave NW between 59th and 61st (hosted by East Ballard Community Assoc.)
  • 7300 block of 21st ave NW
  • NW Market St from 3200 to 3400 block, near the intersection of 32nd Ave. NW and NW Market St.
  • 7th Av NW between NW 62nd and  NW 65th
  • NW 57th St. between 32nd & 34th
  • NW 90th St at 30th Ave NW

Most parties will get going sometime after 4 p.m., so watch out for blocks being closed around that time. If you’re hosting a block party but don’t see it listed, can still register here.

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