Did your bike get stolen? SPD may have it

The Seattle Police Department has about 500 “found” bikes in holding, and they want to try to get them back to their owners. They’ve started tweeting (@GetYourBikeBack) about found bikes around the city, hoping that will help with reuniting owners with their wheels.

SPD developed a diagram to help people locate their bikes, and the first step is to file a police report if you have your bike’s serial number. “People think that if they don’t have their bike’s serial number, they can’t make a stolen bicycle report,” according to Found Property Detective Michael Whidbey in a SPD Blotter post.. “You don’t absolutely need a serial number to get your bike back, but it does expedite the process.”

Without a serial number, SPD says they can help you find it if you provide a sales receipt, a picture of your bike, vivid description of the bike or any other specific, unique traits of your bike.

Here’s a diagram they developed to help people figure out the process.

SPD says the easiest way to get your bike back is to provide your case number (if you reported it stolen) and the bike’s serial number and email it to FindMyBike@Seattle.Gov, along with your contact information. Or, if you think they tweeted about your bike, email them referencing the tweeted bike description.

Learn more about the program here.

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