Swedish Hospital seeking participants for tremor treatment trial

The Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI) is looking for patients willing to participate in a trial that will use a new technology to treat tremors with sound rather than surgery. According to Swedish Hospital, the new technology is a promising alternative to surgery for the common neurological disorder known as essential tremor (ET), which causes a rhythmic shaking of trembling of hands and arms, affecting one out of every 25 adults over 40. The disorder is often confused with Parkinson’s disease, but ET causes disabilities that disrupt basic daily activities and worsens over time, sometimes causing patients to lose the ability to feed or care for themselves.

The new technology to treat patients uses focused ultrasound treatment, and will be headed up by Dr. Stephen Monteith, who has been recruited to work at the SNI. “It’s all about quality of life and things that actually matter to people – eating, dressing, going to the bathroom,” Dr. Monteith said in a release. “Tremor can make it impossible to drink a glass of water or cup of coffee, write a letter and do many other things most of us take for granted. But we’ve seen all that come back with this treatment. People are gaining their independence again.”

Dr. Monteith is seeking 10 patients to take part in the study. Adults who have been diagnosed with ET and want to participate should contact the research department at 206-320-3070.

15 comments on “Swedish Hospital seeking participants for tremor treatment trial”

  1. I am very interested in this and looking forward to hearing back from you.

  2. I have essential tremors and am very interested in a treatment for my problem.

  3. i am from canada and very interested in this trx i have had essential tremor for many years but is worsening tremor of head and right hand would be excited about doing the trial

  4. I have had ET for many years, as have many family members. I am interested in this trial.

  5. I have been diagnosed with Ataxia, Dystonia, and am having head and body tremor. I believe my father had Ataxia. I am interested in focused ultra sound and would be very interested in your research and trial.

  6. I have essential tremors was diagnosed at 25 I am now 64 and can not take medication for this ET. So I live with it. I am very interested in the your study.

  7. Soy Colombiana Profesora Universitaria en receso por ET hereditario. Me interesa mucho participar en estaa investigación que me servirá a mi y a otras muchas personas.

  8. Soy Colombiana. Profesora Universitaria en receso. Me interesa mucho participar en esta investigación me servirá a mi y a otras muchas personas.

  9. I’ve had essential tremors most of my life and it’s started to affect my voice (vocal fold tremors). My handwriting is terrible! If the study is still going, I’d be interested in participating.

  10. I am also interested in taking part in the trial. Have had a tremor for 40 years and now cannot write by hand at all, have all drinks through a straw and never dine with people outside the immediate family.

    I live in the UK but am originally from Sweden.

  11. Very interested in participating in the study…have tremors in both hands…

  12. I was amazed to find out there is a treatment for this as my Dr. told me there wasn’t. I am an artist and art teacher so you can imagine how this impacts my life. Definitely count me in as interested in the trial.

  13. I have inherited essential tremor. I cannot take any of the medications for termor. It has become very difficult for me to eat and I cannot pick up a glass of water or cup of coffee. I am very interested in your treatment trial.

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