Seattle Public Schools proposed growth boundary set to impact Ballard elementary students

The Seattle School Board have proposed growth boundaries that, if approved, are set to impact the students and families of many Ballard elementary schools including Whittier Elementary School (1320 NW 75th St). The latest plans, released on November 1, show Whittier Elementary feeding into Wilson-Pacific Middle School (1330 N 90th St) as opposed to Whitman Middle School (9201 15th Ave NW).

“This change of Whittier feeding into Wilson-Pacific Middle School is significant, given that Whittier was shown to continue to feed into Whitman Middle School in the 10/16 version of the proposed attendance boundaries,” writes Whittier PTA Legislative Rep Kristin Wiggins.

In terms of the timeframe for the change, the current map on the Seattle School Board website indicates that changes will be implemented for the 2014-2015 school year.  However, on the website under “major changes” it specifies that most elementary students will be grandfathered if their attendance are is changing.

My Ballard reader and mother of a former Whittier student Judy Eggerman emailed in to let us know her thoughts. “The proposed growth boundary would be a huge change, not only for Whittier families but for the whole Ballard community,” writes Eggerman.

Similarly, nearby Greenwood Elementary (144 NW 80th St) is facing the same proposed change which would alter them as a feeder school to the new Wilson-Pacific Middle School.

The Seattle School Board is set to vote on the growth boundaries at their meeting on November 20 at John Stanford Center (2445 3rd Ave S) from 4:15 p.m. – 8 p.m. Before the meeting is held the community has a chance to voice their opinion through the Seattle Council PTSA Growth Boundary Awareness Survey. Community members are asked to complete the survey tonight where possible.

“Please help spread awareness about this. Please submit your feedback via the survey as soon as possible,” writes Wiggins.

Car break in reported on 64th and 28th

My Ballard reader Tyler emailed in to report that his car was broken into late on Monday night at NW 64th St and 28th Ave NW. The car was parked on the street in front of a neighbor’s house at the time of the break in.

Tyler let us know that he called the non-emergency police phone number to report the crime, “in hopes to deter other break in and vandalism incidents happening in the area,” and was directed by officers to report the incident on the online Community Online Reporting Program (CORP). However, according to Tyler, when filling out the online form he was unable to complete it as “auto thefts and their attempts” are not eligible for online filing.

“So not only did the police not accept the information but they basically brushed me off. I only wanted to do the right thing and help others out so they don’t fall victim to this vandalism,” writes Tyler.

In terms of the items stolen, Tyler lost his winter survival bag including roughly $700 worth of clothing, a first aid kit, tools and camping gear. “I just don’t want others to experience the same thing,” writes Tyler.

When parking on the street in Ballard ensure to cover items from view or take them with you when you leave the car. If you experience a break in Ballard let us know at so that together we can keep the neighbourhood safe.

Soda Jerk launches kickstarter to fund soda truck

sodaSoda Jerk, a regular fixture at Ballard Farmer’s Market, has launched a kickstarter to fund the purchase of their very own soda truck. As market season winds down owner Cory Clark wants to expand the business and bring the first ever Soda Truck to the streets of Seattle.

If you are new to Soda Jerk there are a few things that separate them from the traditional sodas that we are familiar with. Soda Jerk Sodas are made from fresh ingredients including fresh juices, herbs, and spices. Using this combination of fresh ingredients Soda Jerk are able to come up with unique and tasty flavor combinations including Lemon Lavender, Blueberry Basil, Grapefruit Tarragon, Blackberry Cardamom, Lime Cilantro Jalapeno, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn Balsamic, Cucumber Mint, and Tamarind Ginger. Soda Jerk boasts over 25 flavors that are rotated throughout the year to utilize local and seasonal ingredients.

“I’m very proud of the fact that Soda Jerk uses only the highest quality, organic ingredients whenever they are available. We never use high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives,” writes Clark.

Soda Jerk is now looking for local support to expand the business. The team have even created some great rewards which are available with every donation made on the Kickstarter website. The rewards include things like prepaid drink cards, Soda Jerk logo growler carriers, Soda Jerk syrups for home use and even an appearance at your special event by the Soda Jerk Soda Truck itself.

Clark believes that the new truck will provide Soda Jerk with increased flexibility, availability, visibility and business growth. “We’ll be able to show up at offices for lunch, participate in weekend festivals, weddings, and sporting events all while still serving our loyal customers at the local Farmers Markets with our canopy set up,” writes Clark.

The Soda Truck (pictured above) has been purchased, however, the team still needs more funds to get the truck up and running. If you are interested in supporting the Kickstarter click here.

Photo courtesy of Soda Jerk.

Election 2013: King County releases early election results online

The final ballots for the 2013 General Elections were collected just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday night and early election results were released promptly at 8:15 p.m.

From the Mayor’s Race to GMO labelling, this election tackled some big issues. Below is a snapshot of some highlights from the early election results:

Mayor’s Race:

  • Ed Murray – 56% with 50938 votes
  • Mike McGinn – 43% with 39124 votes

Initiative 522 – GMO Food Labelling:

  • Yes – 55.76% with 144697 votes
  • No – 44.24% with 114810 votes

School Board Race – District 4 (Ballard district):

  • Sue Peters – 51.46% with 39,177 votes
  • Suzanne Dale Estey – 48.18% with 36,676 votes

King County Executive Race:

  • Dow Constantine – 77.69% with 179132 votes
  • Alan E. Lobdell – 21.97%  with 50647 votes

Charter Amendment 19 (Seattle Districts Now):

  • Yes 64.47% – with 54538 votes
  • No 35.53% – with 30056 votes

Seattle Proposition 1 (Public Funding of Seattle City Council campaigns):

  • No – 54.11% with 46833 votes
  • Yes – 45.89% with 39721 votes

Results will be updated at 4:30 p.m. everyday until November 26. For a full list of King County early election results click here.

If you are interested on keeping an even closer eye on the ballot counting process check out the live election cams streaming from the King County Election Service Center.

Volunteers needed for 7th Annual Seattle Turkey Trot

turkeytrot2012_4It is getting to that special time of year and the folks at the Seattle Turkey Trot are in need of some volunteers to help out at the event on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday November 28. The 7th annual 5k walk/jog/run is held above Golden Gardens Park (32nd Ave NW and NW 85th St) and all proceeds raised go to Ballard Food Bank.

The Seattle Turkey Trot was started in 2007 by 3 locals who wanted to run on Thanksgiving morning as a pre-emptive measure to combat the large amounts of food that they would eat later in the day. Organizers invited friends and family and 30 people showed up to run. In 2008 the number of participants jumped to 200 and all extra money raised was donated to Ballard Food Bank. Ballard Food Bank is now instrumental in the organization of the yearly run and proceeds go directly to them to help those in need over the holiday season.

“We thank you for coming out each year to share your Thanksgiving morning with us, and for your generous donations to help those who need a little extra to keep their families healthy and happy,” write the organizers.

If you are interested in volunteering folks are needed for street monitor and tent duty positions. Contact to register your interest.

If you are interested in participating in the event sign up here. Cost is $25 for adults and $15 for children 10 and under. Early registration deadline is November 19.

The week in sports at BHS

The young sports stars at Ballard High School are geared up for another big week of competition. Check out the schedule below and show your support for the Beavers!

Tuesday, November 5:

  • Volleyball: Playoff vs. Skyline at Skyline 5 p.m.

Thursday, November 7:

  • Volleyball: Varsity Tournament location TBD 7 p.m.

Friday, November 8:

  • Swim and Dive: Girls Districts at Juanita Pool Time TBD

Saturday, November 9:

  • Swim and Dive: Girls Districts at Juanita Pool Time TBD

Photo of BHS Cross Country team courtesy of BHS.

Ballard ballot drop box sees lots of action on Election Day

BYUwwa1CEAAeHHUElection Day has arrived and the drop box outside Ballard library (5614 22nd Ave NW) has been seeing lots of action this morning.

Voters must return their ballots by mail today (postmarked with today’s date) or drop them off at a local drop box in order for them to be counted.

If you are using the Ballard Library drop box make sure that your ballot is dropped off before 8 p.m. tonight as ballots dropped after this time, by law, cannot be accepted. Also, remember to sign the envelope before you drop your ballot off.

Ballots will be collected regularly from the Ballard drop box by King County Elections and two official elections workers will use a chain of custody process to transport all ballots to the Elections facility. Once they are delivered to the facility they will be processed with other returned mail ballots.

To find out more about returning your ballot click here.

Photo courtesy of @KUOWdebwang

Brimmer and Heeltap on the lookout for spare pennies

brimmerAccording to Seattle Met’s NOSH Pit blog, Jen Doak, owner of Ballard’s anticipated new eatery Brimmer and Heeltap (425 NW Market St), is on the lookout for pennies to put the final touches to the decoration of the establishment. We initially covered the sneak peak of the new gastropub (that is moving into the former Le Gourmand space) back in August.

According to NOSH Pit, Jen Doak and Mike Whisenhunt are teaming up to create the new pub/bistro which will feature wine and beer in combination with delicious food with an international flare. Both are long time members of the Seattle food and drink scene. Doak has been involved in the wine community for many years and Whisenhunt has been a longtime presence in the kitchens of Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi.

heeltapWhere do the pennies come in you may ask? Never fear they are not some form of slow fundraising. Doak is collecting the coins with a plan to tile the back space and front waiting area with pennies (design idea pictured). According to NOSH Pit, this has been a longtime dream of Doak’s which fuses together a Pinterest idea with a way to pay tribute to those who helped her realise her dream.

The official penny drive for the pub has now begun with the aim of increasing the 78,095 Doak already has by 100,000. If you would like your pretty penny/pennies to be permanently immortalized at Brimmer & Heeltap simply look for a collection bucket under the front door at 425 NW Market St. If you have a group that would like to make a bulk donation contact Doak through the gastropub’s Facebook page and she will arrange a pick up. When making your donation you are invited to leave a note about who you are and contact information for a personal thank you.

Doak and Whisenhunt are currently putting the Brimmer and Heeltap team together and plan to open in December.

Penny design image courtesy of Brimmer and Heeltap Facebook page.