Ballard faces Queen Anne in the final four of the Curbed Cup

2013CurbedCup_SeattleBallard has made it to the final four in The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle’s annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, and is facing nearby rival Queen Anne in today’s vote.

After strongly defeating Wallingford 91.9% to 8.1% in the second round, Ballard needs your help to clinch this very tight competition.

Although you are already aware, here some reasons why Curbed believes that Ballard should win:

A piece of Seattle for 106 years now, to some it’s the home of Seattle’s gritty blue-collar shipyard folk. To others, it’s the home of every condo or apartment building ever built. (And don’t even get them started on the apodments…) Somewhere between the upscale buildings, trendy eateries, old school haunts and ever-changing main street, Ballard continues to redefine itself.

Everyday Curbed posts one match-up for readers to vote on, with results reviewed on Friday. Polls are open for 24 hours only.

Click here to cast your vote and ensure that Ballard is reinstated as the reigning champion in this year’s competition!

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