Drunken man found in bathroom at Salmon Bay Elementary

According to our news partners The Seattle Times, an intoxicated man walked into Salmon Bay Elementary on Tuesday and was found inside the boys restroom.

A letter written to parents from Salmon Bay Elementary staff reports that students were held in classrooms until police and paramedics arrived. Check out an excerpt of the letter written by Brett Joachim Assistant Principal below:

At approximately 9:30 a.m., a transient man entered our building and attempted to take shelter in a boy’s bathroom. We immediately called 911 and the district security officers, and teachers were notified to keep all students and guests in their classrooms. Upon the arrival of police and paramedics, the man – who was very intoxicated but non-confrontational – left the building. I want to assure you that the safety and security of students and staff is our highest priority. This situation was resolved quickly and without incident, and our students and staff responded exceptionally well.

According to The Seattle Times, the school district spoke to KING 5 and reported that the man entered through a door which is kept unlocked to accommodate access for students in wheelchairs.

Due to the incident, Seattle Public Schools district is reportedly reviewing security procedures.

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