Giant Jenga blocks disappear during Seahawks tailgate in Ballard

jengaA huge set of Jenga pieces — stacked over six feet high — disappeared on Sunday in front of the Barking Dog Alehouse on the corner of 70th St. and 6th Ave. The Jenga set was part of the Seahawks tailgating festivities, “painstakingly handmade for our wedding,” explains a poster asking for its return. “It means a lot to us.”

“If you accidentally took it thinking it would be great firewood or jealous of the fine quality of hand craftsmanship, please return it to the Barking Dog Alehouse, no questions will be asked, or contact us at,” continues the poster. “If it is not returned to us within a week, we will be forced to ‘Get Jesse.’ Please don’t make us do this.”

Better yet, we’re letting My Ballard readers know. It’s possible someone thought it was free — a perfectly honest mistake.

One comment on “Giant Jenga blocks disappear during Seahawks tailgate in Ballard”

  1. DONT STEAL peoples tumbling towers blocks… Its totally not cool. We love our giant tumbling towers game too so come on people return the lost blocks!! we love to party!

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