Fifth annual Ballard Fitness Fest set to kick off next month

The fifth annual Ballard Fitness Fest will kick off on February 17 at EDGE Personal Training Studio (2821 NW Market St). The three month long fitness competition will challenge participants to get and stay in shape and is open to all locals who live and work in Ballard and surrounding areas.

EDGE Personal Training owner, Erik Hroncich, established the competition five years ago to help physically and mentally transform peoples’ lives. In past contests Hroncich says that participants have become “healthier, more confident and gained a better body image.” Last years winner, Danie Skredsvig, lost over 8% of her body fat (15lbs of body fat) in just 12 weeks to become the first ever female Champion!

Participants enter the competition in a bid to loose the most weight during the three month period and have a chance at winning $750 worth of prizes. The first place winner scores a $250 gift certificate to a Ballard business of their choice and three free training sessions at EDGE. To prepare for the competition Hroncich is also offering participants, who are new to EDGE, an introductory training package of 3 personal training sessions, a functional movement screen and fitness program development, for $199 (35% off). Current clients will receive $5 off sessions purchased during the contest at EDGE (max. 5 sessions).

The contest begins February 17 and ends May 23 and competitors enter by contacting EDGE at (206) 782–1505 by or between February 17 and 28 to set up an initial $20 (plus tax) fitness assessment. Participants will work out for three months and re-test between May 17th and May 24th, with the winner being announced around June 1st.

Thinking about participating? Hroncich’s enthusiasm for the event puts it simply, “it’s an opportunity to get in better shape for the summer and a chance to win some great prizes. What could be cooler than that?”

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5 comments on “Fifth annual Ballard Fitness Fest set to kick off next month”

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  2. This contest favors overweight people! Winner should be the one who loses the most body fat by percentage, not by weight.

  3. Jay, this is Erik, the owner of EDGE. The contest is based on individual improvement, not weight lost. If a 200lb person loses 20lbs and a 110lb person loses 11lbs, they are, essentially, tied. Body fat percentage, most importantly, % of the individual’s improvement, is the most heavily weighed statistic we use. If you, or anyone else for that matter, should have any questions please ask. Good luck to all who participate!

  4. Good question Dan. People looking to gain muscle are judged at a 150% scale since gaining larger amounts of lean muscle is more difficult than losing body fat. We have had contestants in the past place in the top 4 that gained muscle and lost little, to no, body fat %. We want to make sure that all types are equally judged so we don’t exclude any body type!

  5. Jay, the contest does not favor overweight people. I did really well in the 2010 contest as a fairly lean 175-lb, 6-1 contestant by trimming some body fat and gaining a little muscle. Edge Fitness is a first-rate training facility and Erik knows his stuff

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