Metro transit kiosks make debut in Crown Hill

New Metro transit information kiosks are making their debut across the city in Crown Hill, Interbay and Queen Anne. The kiosks are set to display the real-time arrival and destination of all buses with scheduled stops at kiosk locations.

In the Crown Hill area you can find them at the following locations:

  • Southbound at 15th Ave NW/NW 80th St
  • Southbound at 15th Ave NW/NW 75th St

The kiosks can also be found at the following locations in Interbay and Queen Anne:

  • Southbound at 15th Ave W/W Emerson St
  • Southbound at 15th Ave W/W Armory Street
  • Westbound at W Mercer St/Third Ave W

The kiosks are especially helpful for locals who use Metro’s RapidRide D Line. After swiping their ORCA card at any RapidRide kiosk, riders will be able to board through the back doors of bus, therefore speeding up the boarding process.

The kiosks are part of a partnership between King County Metro Transit and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to improve travel and access though Crown Hill, Ballard, Interbay and Queen Anne.

“These transit kiosks are another important investment Metro and the City of Seattle are jointly making to improve RapidRide. By installing these kiosks, SDOT and Metro are providing over 11,000 daily bus riders better information and speeding their trips,” said SDOT Interim Director Goran Sparrman.

Click here to learn more about RapidRide D Line Project.

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I appreciate all efforts being made to improve public transit in Seattle, as I use it a lot. And I am holding out hope for the day that I step onto my first light rail train in Ballard!